4 comments on “Good Sex!

  1. Adam,
    You really hit some important points in this article. As a former singles minister, I see a huge need to address sexuality in the single adult community as well. Being a single adult in today’s society, formerly married, or never married, questions and consequences of sexuality, and the appropriateness of relationships still exist, and most find these to be a huge part of their identities. According to the latest US Census, almost half of the population is now single, yet we are not addressing the single persons needs in an organized fashion, as a church.

    • Scott, I appreciate your comment. You are shedding light on yet another (growing) group that needs to be addressed – and in some cases not just for issues of sex and sexuality, but even having a ministry area for singles at all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauren Winner’s “Real Sex” is a great place to start. I think that would also be a better description of what Christians are usually trying to communicate about sex (because what the world calls “good sex” is often not what Christians mean by “good sex”. Impressive visuals.

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